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Tithe Barn Roof

Upcoming Events

Harbottle and Jonas
Ring of Bells 8pm

The Sharon Shannon Quartet SELLLING OUT!
Tithe Barn 7.30

St Patricks Night at the Ringers
Ring of Bells 8pm

The Magpies
Tithe Barn 8pm

Tithe Barn 7.30pm

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Covid policy

Covid Policy


Covid Policy

We believe that holding Folk Club events has many benefits for the community. Musical gatherings are uplifting, increase emotional wellbeing, promote social contact, facilitate enjoyment and appreciation and help people to develop skills. They also provide a livelihood for professional performers and help to maintain the economic viability of local venues. 


We therefore believe we should now be holding events and balance these benefits with the risks associated with the covid pandemic.

We will always abide by regulations and pay regard to any government guidance which is issued.

Our priority is to provide an atmosphere which is safe, welcoming, and helps people who come to feel comfortable and relaxed.


We recognise we use buildings where some rooms are used by others and access to wider public areas like corridors, bars and toilets are beyond our control.

We recognise that whilst we can put measures in place we also have to rely on people who come to be responsible and considerate towards others. We will therefore provide clear messages about our expectations.

We expect people to manage their own risks. People who are vulnerable because of health conditions should not attend our events if they are concerned about possible infection.


We will expect, but not insist that people who come will have had two vaccinations. Unless required by regulations, we will not ask for any proof for vaccination.

We insist that people do not attend our events if they are,

1.       feeling unwell,

2.       have been told to isolate or

3.       have had a positive covid test in the previous ten days.


Where people have bought tickets and cannot come because of these reasons we will refund them.


We expect people to have a lateral flow test within 24 hours before coming but not insist on this nor require evidence of any test results. 


We expect  people to wear masks when moving around venues in areas where our event is taking place and when seated unless they are drinking. We are happy for people to remove they are performing.



We will reduce seating to provide increased spacing between people but will keep this under review.  As of 5 September we are limiting tickets sales to 80 at the Tithe Barn, 50 at the Ring of Bells and limiting seating to between 20 and 30 depending on the formation of “bubbles” which we know exist at the Grove.

For ticketed events (Tithe Barn and Ringers events) we will expect people to book seats in advance and we will allocate seating prior to arrival. To facilitate this, we will maximise the use of TicketSource to enable us to know and be able to communicate with those coming. Admission on the night will be by exception and only if space allows. Tickets sales will be on a first come first served basis.


We will provide additional spacing (min 3 m) between performers and audiences and will do what we can to increase ventilation for example opening doors and windows during break times. At the Tithe Barn and Ring of Bells we will encourage circular flows of traffic through a oneway system and have separate entrances and exits.


We will strive to reduce people waiting in queues for any period of time by ensuring sound checks happen on time.



At the Ring of Bells a table ordering service is available.


At the Grove we will not make any special arrangements as the bar is not normally very busy, and Folk Club members will simply abide by the Grove’s policy at that time.


We will expect people to use sanitising gel when they arrive or leave and will ensure this is provided.


We will expect venue owners to maintain appropriate cleaning practices and routines, use antiseptic cleanser on key surfaces and provide for the safe washing of glasses. We also expect venues to facilitate “Track and Trace” recording by use of QR scanning.


We will maintain our own record of people who have registered to attend events.

We will review this policy at the beginning of each month and take account of ongoing feedback from people who attend and in the light of any government advice.



Revision Dated 05/12/2021