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Tithe Barn Roof

Upcoming Events

Schmoozenbergs: Hot gypsy jazz.
Nailsea Tithe Barn 8pm

Paul McKenna Band
Nailsea Tithe Barn 8pm

Coig (Cape Breton Quartet)
Nailsea Tithe Barn 7.30pm

Jim Reynolds
Ring of Bells 8pm

Greg Russell and Ciaran Algar
Nailsea Tithe Barn 8pm

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How to Find Us

Nailsea venues

Nailsea Tithe Barn, Holy Trinity Church, Ring of Bells and Grove Sports centre are all very close to one another in either St Mary's Grove or Church Lane.

They lie to the south of Nailsea Town Centre. There are "brown" tourist type road signs to the Tithe Barn around Nailsea to show you the way!!

Sat nav: BS48 4NG takes you to the Tithe Barn