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Tithe Barn Roof
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Upcoming Events

Rob Heron and the Tea Pad Orchestra
Tithe Barn 8pm

Sue Franklin and Tim Brine
Ring of Bells 8pm Doors open 7.30pm

Ange Hardy
Tithe Barn 8pm

New Years Eve Barn Dance
Tithe Barn 8pm

Jackie Oates
Tithe Barn 8pm

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Who's Who

David Francis - 01275 540231

David FrancisThe mainstay of the club, he books the acts, is the M.C., sometimes performs when acts are late, likes fiddling round with the sound equipment and also organised the Acorns youth group.

Val Broomhead - 01275 790 915 

Val is the very pleasant voice you will hear when you 'phone the club. She is the one, if you speak to her nicely, will book tickets for you and give you other information about the Folk Night. It is recommended that you book tickets as we always seem to sell out. Val is also the smiling welcoming face you see on the door.

John Broomhead

John BroomheadJohn along with David was a founder member of the club passed away in 2005. He will be with us always. Echoes of his rich bass will be heard joining in a rousing chorus, or whenever a shanty washes over the stage.