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Upcoming Events

Devils Violin
Tithe Barn 7.45 £12

Nailsea Folk @ the Grove 8pm
Grove Sports Centre

Model Folk Band
13 October Tithe Barn 7.00 for 7.45

Tithe Barn 8pm

Nailsea Folk @ the Grove 8pm
Grove Sports Centre

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Welcome to Nailsea Folk Club

Welcome to the website for Nailsea Folk Club. We have been running since 1987 and over that time have developed a strong reputation for our concert programme which features top names from around the world. We also have a number of linked projects which develop and change over time and we hold a more traditional folk night (our singers and musicians nights) on the second Tuesday of the month. 

We strive to provide a very friendly and welcoming folk club and to ensure the music on our concert nights  is of the highest quality. We hold most of our concerts now in Nailsea Tithe Barn, which is extremely confortable and has an excellent acoustic. We were very involved and instrumental in the refurbishment of the barn which dates from the 15th Century. It provides an ideal ambience for folk music. It is fully accessible for people with physical disabilities and has modern facilities. We are non profit making and we run our own bar which means we can keep prices as low as possible whilst still paying a fair fee to the artists who perform. If you have not been before we would love to see you, please introduce your self and join our email list to receive regular updates as we do put events on at short notice in addition to the main programme. 

We look forward to seeing you

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Barley Rye community choir was established by the folk club in 2000. Its frienldy, great fun and has a busy programme. It meets on a Sunday evening in the Ring of Bells, Nailsea:

contact Keith Burrows for details 01454 411052 email keith burrows: 

Singers and musicians nights

On the second Tuesday of the month at 8.00 p.m., we meet in the Grove Sports Centre opposite the Pub for a Singers/Musicians night. This has a private lounge for those who like a quiet "space".

Acorns youth folk performers project ... contact David 01275 540231

Our thoughts about folk music

Folk music and dance essentially belong to, and are the creation of, common people. Folk, or Roots, has a very long tradition and what makes it really special is its power to reflect the joys, concerns, struggles and lives of ordinary folk. Traditionally it was an oral and visual tradition, rather than a written or recorded one, passed from generation to generation. At its heart is a sense of shared experience and community, not commercial profit or gain. One of the joys of folk is that creativity and performance rests with ordinary people.

For some years Folk did have a bad image – interminable ballads sung in strange keys with “fingers in ears”. Although we have respect for the traditional singers clubs, this has never been Nailsea’s style. The music and dance that we promote is varied, often highly contemporary, and always performed to a very high standard.

Nailsea has had a strong association with folk music over the years, going back as far as the legendary Adge Cutler (founder of the Wurzels) in the early sixties. There have been a number of clubs over the years, the current one being founded in 1987. Its constitution declares its aim as “to provide quality music in a convivial atmosphere and to promote and develop local talent”. Since its inception, it has always been a very strong club and is regarded as one of the best in the country (ask any of the top performers who’ve been!) It is strictly non-profit making. Money raised is given to local charities, often ~£1000 in a year. The club is affiliated to the English Folk Dance and Song Society.